Designer specialising in branding, procedural graphics and 3D animation, interactive media, and immersive sound. 

Co-founder of Artillery 35, a digital media research lab and multidisciplinary creative studio based in Latvia.

Interdisciplinary artist, composer, and producer releasing music as FRKTL since 2011.
Curator of the Cairowire news feed for current affairs with a focus on public policy, economic development, regional diplomacy, and culture in Egypt and beyond.


Lead designer and strategist at Beirut-based music technology startup Band Industries 𝓲 

Film production assistant and translator at iFixit in San Luis Obispo 𝓲  

Graphics editor and a writing contributor to digital arts and new media technology magazines in London, New York, and Stockholm 𝓲

Working with Houdini, Blender, Unreal Engine, Processing, Adobe CC, Ableton Live, Max, Reaper, the IEM Plug-in Suite, and more.


Creative Computing (BSc) at Goldsmiths, University of London 𝓲

International Relations (BSc) 𝓲 and Law (LLB) 𝓲 at the London School of Economics

Currently based between Riga, London, and Cairo.

Full CV available on request. Please get in touch for further enquiries and commissions.

Find me on, Vimeo, BehanceGithuband Twitter.

Selected Works